Weathering the storm of making a move to a new home is difficult, but adding in the factor of changing cities can make it even more traumatic.  For help in weathering the storm, order our Relocation Guide and E-Mail Us.  These step will help you get comfortable with our beautiful state, get some great ideas in making your move, introduce you to Jeffrey T DePaola who is eager to help you and your family find a great new home, and reduce the trauma.
With my help it will be OK.  Remember, from storms springs the best of what nature and life has to offer.  You will find new friends, new favorite places, and since your coming to Colorado a BETTER place to live.  We are confident that Colorado can offer the best of what is available in life style.  Colorado ranks very high with those who visit and never leave and those who are transferred here.  I know that within these page ysou will find great help and fun things to do while you are here!  Check out some of the links below:

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Cuisine Net
Denver Sports and Recreation
Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Fishing and Licensing
Parks and Monuments
Six Flags
Children’s Museum
Denver Art Museum
Molly Brown house